Olbrich Botanical Gardens

Olbrich Botanical Gardens is a nature lover’s paradise. Home to a variety of gardens, such as the Rose Garden, Perennial Garden, Sunken Garden, and Herb Garden, there is plenty to explore. While there, don’t forget to visit the Thai Pavilion and Garden. The Thai Pavilion is a must-visit, as it was built in Thailand and is only one of four Thai Pavilions found outside of Thailand. In the winter, the Bolz Conservancy is the perfect escape from the cold. Inside the 50-foot sunny glass building, you can find a waterfall, tropical plants, and birds. With beauty to offer in every season, Olbrich Botanical Gardens is a favorite year-round. Although the 16 acres of outdoor gardens are free to visit, the Bolz Conservancy requires a small fee. For more information, visit the Olbrich Botanical Gardens website.

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